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The Considerable Things

We came to know that as the only One God who is the creator of the heavens and the earth created the human beings in this world, the human beings must worship the only One God. Furthermore we have discussed and became familiar with the fact that If the human beings worship the other things and wordly powers instead of worshipping the real God, severe punishments will be there for them in the life hereafter. Not only the Holy Quran but also the religeous books such as Vedas, Upanishaths, Bhagavad Githa etc proclaiming about this fact with one voice. But here a doubt arises in our hearts.

''Is it justice that the real God, the Ultimate Creator, after creating the human beings, punishes the persons in the life hereafter who don't worship Him without guiding them to the right path?

No. Certainly not. When a person doesn't give any right information to somebody, he should not ask them, consider their deeds to be wrong and punish them. If he punishes them, it would not be considered justice.

When it seems to be unjustice to us, the human beings, how can the Ultimate Creator do unjustice to His beloved servants to such a great extent?

In fact, the God made perfect arrangements for the guidance of mankind from the very beginning of the universe. He has done all in all from His end to guide the human beings towards the right path and make them real monotheistics. He sent thousands of His Prophets and Messengers among every society, every nation in every era.

The God assigned the duties of Prophethood to the persons who had the most noble moral characteristics among the nations. Whatever their languages may be, whatever their eras may be and their life times may be, their original message is unique.

"O the people of my nation! Worship only the Creator. No one is God worshipped by us but Him "

Another angle of saying that the Creator of the universe provided perfect guidance to the mankind from the beginning of the universe is that the God had not sent His Messengers and Prophets towards the common people with bare hands. God provided the message of His orders essential for the guidance of mankind in written form to His messengers. Each and every thing essential for the guidance of mankind towards the right path would have been explained clearly in that message. In short, all they are the preachings regarding the worship of real God only. Those written scripts are nothing but the religeous scriptures spread around us today!

If this is the case, then can anybody say that any Prophet of God had not arrived in this broad India which has a history of thousands of years and any divine scripture had not been descended in this region? Indian society accepts the ancient scriptures of India, Vedas, Upanishaths, Puranas, Bhagavad Githa etc., as divine scriptures and it express a deep devotion upon these scriptures. Whatever the religeous scriptures, we have to remember two basic things regarding the scriptures.

To whatever religeous scriptures the preachings belong, they are limited to the time of the Prophet and the society of the era in which they had been descended. When another Prophet of God arrives into the world after that Prophet, the Creator of the universe cancels the preachings of the preceding Prophet. The arrival of the Prophets one after another is the clear evidence to this fact.

In the sameway, most of the Prophets who arrived in this world foretold the good news of the arrival of the upcoming Prophets. You will be familiar with the evidences regarding this fact through the sentences of the next pages.

Say: Have you seen (these) 'Partners' of yours whom you call upon besides God? Show Me what it is they have created in the (wide) earth. Or have they a share in the heavens? Or have We given them a Book from which they (can derive) clear (evidence)? - Nay, the wrongdoers promise each other nothing but delusions.

Quran is for everybody

Hazrath Muhammad (Pbuh) is the last Prophet among all the Prophets sent by the God, the Creator of the universe for the guidance of the mankind towards the straight path. Holy Quran is nothing but the divine scripture descended on the last Prophet of God. In this angle, the Holy Quran, the last divine scripture tesifies the ancient Prophets of God and the divine scriptures of the ancient times. In short, it doesn't reject and cancel the ancient divine scriptures and considers them to be false.

Hazrath Muhammad (Pbuh) is Prophet of God for everybody

Hazrath Muhammad (Pbuh) is the last Prophet among all the Prophets sent by the God for the guidance of the mankind towards the straight path. The good news of his arrival had been foretold in the ancient divine scriptures descended on the ancient Prophets. We can find so many prophesies about Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh), the last Prophet of God in the Vedic literature.

All the ancient Prophets were sent for a particular nation and a particular time. But Prophet Hazrath Muhammad (Pbuh) was sent as a last Prophet of God for the entire mankind.

O Prophet! We sent you as a Prophet for the entire mankind. Allah's testimony is enough for this.
Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) is not the Prophet for Muslims only. He is the last Prophet of God who brought the divine message for all of us. Vedas and Puranas foretold about his arrival with his name before his arrival.

Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) in the Hindu Scriptures

The name of the Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) was mentioned with the name 'Naraashansa' in Vedas.

" Naraashansaha Yau Narau Prashasyathe " " The man who is praised.... "

The meaning of the word 'Muhammad' (Pbuh) is 'the praiseworthy'

''O devotees! Listen to the words of this preacher. This great Saint, the praiseworthy, was born among 60,090 people. He travels between twenty male and female camels. Their magnificent fame reaches even the heaven."

Explanation: The meaning of the word 'Muhammad' (Pbuh) is 'the praiseworthy'. The population of Makkah is 60,090 at the time of the birth of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh). Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) is the only Prophet who rode on camels.(

" Vedaahameth phurupha Mahaantha Maadiththa Yavarna Thamasaha Prsthaavayanaama "

''The person who is called 'Veda Ahamad' is a noble person. He would shines like the sun and drives the darkness out. We can get the salvation only through knowing about him. There is no way for the Salvation other than this ''

"Ethan Minnanthare mlechcha Aachaaryena samanvithaha Mahaamada ithikhyaathaha shishyashaakhaa samanvithaha srupaschaiva mahaadevam marusthala nivaasinam... "

Meaning: '' A Mlechcha (illeterate) who is a foreiner preacher will come with his disciples. His name is Muhammad. He belongs to the desert region. He will be circumcised and there will be no knit on his head. He will have beard and he will be non-vegetarian. He speaks loudly. He will be aquainted as Musalai (Musalmaan)''

In fact, there is a prophecy about Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) in Vedas. His name has been mentioned in Bhavishya Purana. Furthermore it has been said that he would preach to the idol worshippers of the lowest class people. Yes this is a fact. He has been mentioned as 'Illeterate' in that book. It happened in the life of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh). We know that Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) is an illeterate. Actually Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) has been mentioned in two places. These things were mentioned in Bhavishya Purana and in the Mantras 1-3 of 127th Sukthi in the 20th Chapter of Adharvana Veda.

(Krishna Consiousness & Christianity, Page no.78, officer Satyaraja dasa)

Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) was mentioned in the Buddhist Scriptures also.

" Nanda! I am not the first and the last Budhdha in this world. More Budhdhas also will come after me.... A Budhdha who provides a complete and pure way of life to the world will arrive. O Nanda! He is 'Maitreya' "

Overall, we came to the conclusion that the creator who sent the ancient Prophets and made discended the ancient divine scriptures is the only One Creator of the universe who sent the last Prophet Hazrath Muhammad (Pbuh) for the guidance of mankind and made discended the Holy Quran in this world.

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