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O Lord! O Personification of the True Existence, Intelligence and Bliss! Everlasting, Holly, All-Wise, Immortal, Thou art Unborn, without any symbolical distinction and organization, Omniscient, Sustainer and Ruler of the Universe, Creator of all Eternal, Protector and Preserver of the Universe, O All Pervading Spirit! O Ocean of Mercy! Thou art the Life of the Creation; Thou art an All-Blissful, Being the very Contemplation of who wipes off all our pains and sorrows; Thou art the Sustainer of the Universe, Creator of all; May we contemplate Thy Holy adorable nature so that Thou may guide our understanding. Thou art our GOD, Who alone art to be adored and Worshipped. There is none beside You, Who is equal to you or above you. Thou alone art our Creator, Ruler, and Judge. Thou alone bestow happiness.

(Yajurveda 36 : 3)

My Dear Friend,

In The above verse of Vedas, it is very clearly specified about the God Almighty that there is only one God and none are equal to him and we should worship him alone.

Here I wanted to make you understand about the above GAYATRI MANTRA. This is actually a verse of Vedas [Yajurveda  Chapter 36, Verse 03] and the word GAYATRI is the Sanskrit word derived from two root words, GAYA & ATRI.

GAYA means Sound that is being originated from the throat. ATRI means Praising.

So the meaning of GAYATRI is “Praising the Lord by reciting mantras from our throat”. In this mantra, The God is proclaiming the truth and he himself declaring that there is no symbolic distinction of him, But people don’t have enough time to know about this truth and people are still visualizing GAYATRI as a female Image and also worship her, but in reality she is a demigod i.e. 'god' besides the True God. How far will the God Almighty excuse this blasphemy of the people?